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Live Schedule

We look forward to seeing you! 😍 

Just a few reminders:

♡ Please Pre-book Your Class to ensure a breezy check-in & space for you.

♡ Arrive on time. Classes begin promptly. Please give yourself time to settle in unrushed.

♡ Bring your own mat  Or use one of ours for a small fee of $2. This ensures that all yoga mats are sanitized & safe for all to use. If you hold a membership, you will not have to pay the fee. 

♡ Silent Phone Studio Space. Please silence your cell phones, devices, including vibrations.

♡ Fragrance-Free Zone. Due to scent sensitivities to some of our community, please refrain from wearing fragrances to the studio. We really appreciate your cooperation in this delicate matter. 

If for any reason the scheduling software is down, feel free to email to register for your class, or with any questions you may have. 🫶🏼

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