The first organized Yoga class I ever attended was with Charlene as the instructor. Charlene was a brand new instructor and I was a brand new student at age 66. 
She said my lack of experience and somewhat advancing age was not a problem, she worked with me and supported me with positive energy and made it all do able. It kept me coming back. 
She is a wonderful instructor and people instantly connect with her and make a new friend. 
I always look forward to a Yonah Yoga class. Some of the positions I cannot do but we go along as we can and it is always fun. 
I highly recommend Yonah Yoga as a good way to get more control of your body.

C. Taylor

I LOVE Yonah Yoga! Like many others, I was nervous/self conscious attending my first organized yoga class, but it was very easy to follow along. Also, there is no pressure to extend poses as much as everyone else- you move at your own pace. I always leave class feeling peaceful, energized, and strong!

A. Claborn

Very relaxing as well as good stretching, look forward to going each week.

K. Knight

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I leave class energized for the rest of the day! Not only that but my knees are not stiff any longer after Yoga class, and that's amazing!

W. Bearden

I’ve been to yoga classes in the past, but I have fallen in LOVE with Yonah Yoga. Spartan yoga is nothing like I’ve tried before. It is challenging, yet rewarding. Best form of exercise that I equate more with my own version of therapy. I leave every session feeling relaxed, renewed, and stronger than when I arrived. Thank you so much Charlene!

L. Howell

Charlene creates a fun and energetic yoga class. You can tell she is a natural at this. Looking forward to taking her classes everywhere she teaches

V. Binga

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